Q & A

Learn more about the compliance industry, and how it impacts your business.

What does a compliance consultant do?

It depends! A CC can develop a program to suit your particular needs now and going forward. It can be an ad hoc situation that you just need a bit of direction. It can also be an ongoing relationship to help you identify your compliance gaps and how to fix them before your next Compliance Review with the regulator.

Why do I need a CC?

As a financial advisor/business owner/executive you have a definite and valuable set of skills focussed on providing the best financial advice to your clients. A CC has an education, background and experience that has been dedicated to Compliance. As a lawyer and former CCO I see the requirements in the instruments/rules/acts and understand what the regulator is looking for and how to deliver it to them so that they can give you a clean bill of health and allow you to run your business. Contact us for a free consultation to see how we can help you.

I have a CCO, why do I need a CC?

First, it is always beneficial to have a second set of eyes on a problem. Second, you CCO is very likely very busy and not able to focus or process development as much as they like. Third, your CCO will be able to benefit from the experience of a CC. Finally, your CCO may feel like they are on an island and would appreciate some help, without a long term commitment to a hire.

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